Long Term Physical Transmission Rights auction calendar

Nemo Link today publishes its first Long Term Physical Transmission Rights auction calendar to be executed by JAO via the Single Allocation Platform (SAP). The schedule shows a number of auctions to be held for monthly and quarterly products in 2019 and the first annual product auction for 2020.

Download the Long Term Physical Transmission Rights auction calendar

Announcing the start of commissioning

Over the period from early-mid December 2018 to the end of January 2019, the Nemo Link interconnector (connecting ELIA and National Grid networks) will be in the commissioning phase.

Active power transfers will take place between Belgium and Great Britain. The associated direction and volume of power flow will vary. Further information on commissioning tests will be provided by 11 am CET at the day ahead stage and published on the Elexon’s transparency platform and on this website.

Consultation on Nemo Link’s contingency plans for Brexit

The consultation on Nemo Link access rules carried out in May 2019 included the underlying assumption that Great Britain would remain within the EU Internal Energy Market (IEM).

This latest consultation explains Nemo Link’s contingency plan in the event Great Britain should leave the IEM, and the access rules that would apply in that scenario.

Comment and views are invited by 14 December 2018.

Download Overall summary background, key features and differences (read first)
Download The JAO Participation Agreement
Download The (Non-IEM) Nemo Link Participation Agreement

Download The Daily Explicit Allocation Rules that would apply
Download The Day Ahead Nomination Rules that would apply

Nominating long-term physical transmission rights

Nemo Link will be implementing the Regional Nomination Platform (RNP) for customers wishing to nominate acquired long-term physical transmission rights. This is a separate system to the Single Allocation Platform (SAP) provided by the Joint Allocation Office (JAO) where customers participate in auctions to buy long-term capacity. The RNP project is being jointly developed by Nemo Link, IFA and BritNed.

A document has been developed to assist customers to implement changes to systems to be ready to use this platform.

Download Regional Nominations Platform document

Brexit Open Forum

Brexit 2BCustomers gained insight into our Brexit preparations and contingency planning at an event held at The Connaught Hotel in London on June 28.

Nemo Link and IFA hosted a joint Brexit Forum for their customers to share the latest thinking regarding systems and process implications and address any areas of concern.

Whilst “no deal” is not expected, any responsible business would need to consider the implications of all scenarios and this session explained how trade will continue, whatever the Brexit weather.  

The presentation gave rise to some interesting questions and healthy discussion. If you weren’t able to make it, contact info@nemolink.co.uk for an update.

Consultation period is now closed

This Consultation concerned the contractual framework for trading on the Nemo Link Interconnector and invited feedback from all potential customers and stakeholders ahead of submission to the relevant regulatory authorities for approval.

The consultation is now closed.

However, if you have any questions or would like to respond to the consultation, please contact us at info@nemolink.co.uk

Nemo Link specific proposals

The Consultation Document (download) sets out the whole framework

Charging methodology (download)

Border Specific Annex (also consulted on by Elia) (download)

Nomination Participation Agreement (download)

Day Ahead Nomination Rules (also consulted on by Elia) (download)


The following supporting documents are provided for reference:

JAO Participation Agreement (download)

Harmonised Allocation Rules (download)

Long Term Nomination Rules (download)

Shadow Allocation Rules (download)

Day Ahead Fallback Procedure (download)

Nemo Link project update at Elia’s second ARP-Day

An event, solely dedicated to *Access Responsible Party contract participants (ARPs), was recently held at The Square Meeting Centre in Brussels on April 17.

Organised by Elia, the event covered a rich program of various ARP-related topics, Nick Pittarello, Client Relationship Manager Nemo Link, and Jean-Michel Reghem, Product Services Manager Elia, presented the latest Nemo Link project status and its future impact on the ARP-landscape to Belgium market participants.

Discover the latest timescales and proposed products set.


*An ARP may be an electricity producer, a major consumer, an electricity supplier or a trader. They help maintain the balance between generation and consumption and must be appointed at every access point where energy injections or offtakes are performed.

Open Construction Sites Day – a unique chance to visit the Nemo Link converter station

Over a distance of 140 km and at depths up to 50 m, Elia, the Belgian high-voltage electricity transmission operator and its UK counterparty, National Grid, are working at the first electrical interconnection between Belgium and the UK: Nemo Link.

You are curious to learn more about these works and about the advantages of such an interconnection?

Come to the Nemo Link converter station in Bruges on Sunday 6th of May and discover how we convert alternating current into direct current and reverse.

The converter station is the landing point of the cables and there, the electricity is ‘prepared’ for the transportation between both countries. Learn more about the project here.

A walking tour with information panels and ‘good-to-know’ stories will take you through the stories of transformers, interconnectors and subsea cables.

Hereunder you can have a look at the tour:

                                                  NEMO OWD_GRONDPLAN BROCHURE_2018-04-16-01


We hope to see you there!

Practical Details

Sunday, 6th of May, from 10AM until 5PM (CET)

  • At the Herdersbrug Converter Station
  • Follow the signs to the car/(motor)cycle parking: Korte Gotevlietstraat 9, 8000 Brugge
  • Free shuttle service to the Converter Station
  • No need to sign up in advance


Picture 'Open Wervendag'1

Belgian land cable delivered on site in West-Flanders

Several key cable work related milestones have been achieved in 2017 on the UK side. The land cable works UK are now almost completed and the submarine cable has been layed in the UK section.

The Belgian land cable works also started picking up pace and started early September!

The land cable itself has been shipped from the Port of Kinuura, located in the Aichi prefecture of Japan, on September 27th. After a long sail, it has arrived at the Port of Zeebrugge on November 20th, where the 32 cable drums containing the 2 times 8850m of land cable have been loaded out.

     IMG_4255 - Copy    IMG_4278 - Copy

In the meantime, they have been delivered to site and are ready to be installed on the onshore route.

        Cable Installation Works 2      Cable Installation Works