Consultation on Non-IEM Long Term Allocation and Nomination Rules Opened

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Just when you’d thought Brexit had gone away, here comes another Brexit related consultation!  As Nemo Link market participants will be aware, the rules governing trade on Nemo Link in the event of a hard Brexit were approved by the regulators in February.  However, those rules focused solely on the movement from Day Ahead implicit to Day Ahead explicit trading.  This further consultation therefore describes rules that would also apply for Long Term products if the GB leaves the Internal Energy Market.  Market participants are invited to review the proposals and send any feedback by 14th June 2019 to

Please find the relevant links below:

Read first – Covering Letter

Non IEM Long Term Allocation Rules (under consultation)

Non IEM Long Term Nomination Rules (under consultation)

First monthly capacity available for auction on the GB-Belgium border

Between 12:00 pm (CEST) on 6th May and 11:59 am (CEST) on 7th May 2019 Nemo Link is pleased to announce that market participants will have their first opportunity to buy physical long term transmission rights.  The capacity auctioned will be for the month of June 2019 and will be sold via the Single Allocation Platform, hosted by the Joint Allocation Office.  100 MW will be offered in each direction in these auctions.

1st auction poster

For further Nemo Link’s scheduled auctions, please view our Auction Calendar.

If you have any questions about this process or wish to talk to someone about the systems involved, please contact the Customer Team.

Info on Nemo Link’s day-ahead transfer capacity

Some of you might have noticed that we are not always offering our full capacity in both directions to the market.

The capacity Nemo Link offers is determined by Nemo Link’s transfer capability and the Net Transfer Capacity (NTC) values determined by the onshore TSOs.

These hourly NTC values are calculated independently by Elia and NGESO at D-1. The published transfer capacities (on the entso-e transparency platform) represent the minimum of the calculated NTC values and Nemo Link’s Transfer Capability.

Since the start of operations no restrictions were applied to Nemo Link’s Transfer Capability aside from a planned outage that was executed on 8-9 April. However both Elia and NGESO had to apply frequent NTC restrictions for a variety of reasons.

Elia applies the methodology for the day ahead capacity calculation as published on the website of Elia (here), which is an interim implementation of the approved Channel capacity calculation methodology. The current reason for a reduction in NTC capacity, as calculated by Elia, are planned outages in the Elia grid. The planned outages are published on the website of Elia (here) and on the transparency platform (here).

NGESO is mainly applying NTC restrictions to address inertia (RoCoF) related problems.

If there would be an actual reduction of Nemo Link’s Transfer Capability itself then this will be published via Elexon’s REMIT page (here).

Nemo Link Conference & Celebration 12 & 13 February 2019

To ensure interested parties have a chance to further understand our auction and nomination processes and in readiness for explicit auctions, we have arranged a two-day operational workshop to launch our product offering and systems.

This is an ideal opportunity to meet the Nemo Link team and other interconnector traders.

Day one (12th February 2019) we will be joined by subject matter experts from JAO and Nord Pool at our workshop.

We would also be delighted if you would be able to join us in the evening at a dinner to celebrate the launch of Nemo Link.

Day two (13th February 2019) will be focused entirely on training for the new Regional Nomination Platform run by the RNP developer, Unicorn Systems.

If you would be interested to join us, and have not already done so, please indicate your attendance via this eventbrite link:

Nemo Link announces go-live date

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We are excited to announce that capacity on the Nemo Link interconnector will be available to purchase via the implicit day ahead auction from 30th January 2019, for delivery on 31st January 2019. This go-live announcement follows a successful testing period where active power transfers have been taking place between Belgium and the UK.

The first explicit long term products will be sold via JAO from April and our auction calendar is available to view on our website.

If not already done so, interested parties are invited to complete the registration form to start the on-boarding process or contact the Customer Team.

Long Term Physical Transmission Rights auction calendar

Nemo Link today publishes its first Long Term Physical Transmission Rights auction calendar to be executed by JAO via the Single Allocation Platform (SAP). The schedule shows a number of auctions to be held for monthly and quarterly products in 2019 and the first annual product auction for 2020.

Announcing the start of commissioning

Over the period from early-mid December 2018 to the end of January 2019, the Nemo Link interconnector (connecting ELIA and National Grid networks) will be in the commissioning phase.

Active power transfers will take place between Belgium and Great Britain. The associated direction and volume of power flow will vary. Further information on commissioning tests will be provided by 11 am CET at the day ahead stage and published on the Elexon’s transparency platform and on this website.

Consultation on Nemo Link’s contingency plans for Brexit

The consultation on Nemo Link access rules carried out in May 2019 included the underlying assumption that Great Britain would remain within the EU Internal Energy Market (IEM).

This latest consultation explains Nemo Link’s contingency plan in the event Great Britain should leave the IEM, and the access rules that would apply in that scenario.

Comment and views are invited by 14 December 2018.

Download Overall summary background, key features and differences (read first)
Download The JAO Participation Agreement
Download The (Non-IEM) Nemo Link Participation Agreement

Download The Daily Explicit Allocation Rules that would apply
Download The Day Ahead Nomination Rules that would apply

Nominating long-term physical transmission rights

Nemo Link will be implementing the Regional Nomination Platform (RNP) for customers wishing to nominate acquired long-term physical transmission rights. This is a separate system to the Single Allocation Platform (SAP) provided by the Joint Allocation Office (JAO) where customers participate in auctions to buy long-term capacity. The RNP project is being jointly developed by Nemo Link, IFA and BritNed.

A document has been developed to assist customers to implement changes to systems to be ready to use this platform.

Download Regional Nominations Platform document