National Grid Nemo Link Limited granted electricity interconnector licence

On 8th March 2013 National Grid Nemo Link Limited was granted an electricity interconnector licence by the Gas & Electricity Markets Authority (Ofgem).

The license authorises National Grid Nemo Link Limited to participate in the operation of the Nemo Link® – an electricity interconnector between Great Britain and Belgium.

The Nemo Link® interconnector will consist of subsea and underground cables connected to a converter station and an electricity substation in each country, which will allow electricity to flow in either direction between the two countries.

An electricity interconnector licence is required under the Electricity Act 1989 and cannot be held in conjunction with any other electricity licence.

For more information, please visit Ofgem’s website . A copy of the licence is available from the Ofgem Library, 9 Millbank, London, SWIP 3GE (020 7901 7003) or by email at

Plans in place for Nemo Link® project

The development of an electricity interconnector between the UK and Belgium took another major step forward as planning and consent applications were submitted to Belgian, French and UK authorities.
Each application is accompanied by an Environmental Statement to demonstrate that the potential environmental impacts of the work have been thoroughly considered.

Joint Project Managers, Mark Pearce from National Grid and Tim Schyvens from Elia, explained that an awful lot of work goes into submitting planning applications and environmental assessments for a project like this. The link runs through British, French and Belgium waters so we have multiple jurisdictions to consult with. The UK onshore Environmental Statement alone has 20 chapters, 24 appendices and 27 planning drawings; which gives you an idea of the scale of work that goes just into the planning phase.
A website for Nemo Link® has also been recently launched to provide local communities and stakeholder groups with comprehensive information about the project.