Nemo Link® granted planning permission from Thanet and Dover District Councils

National Grid Nemo Link Ltd has been granted planning permission from Thanet and Dover District Councils to go ahead with developments at the former Richborough power station site.
The applications for an electricity substation, a converter station and underground cables between Richborough and Pegwell Bay were approved on Wednesday, 18th December by Thanet District Council and Thursday, 19th December by Dover District Council. 

Mark Pearce, project director for National Grid said:

“We are delighted that planning permission has been granted as the Richborough site is ideally suited for the development.   We look forward to working with the local authorities, communities and interest groups as the project progresses.”

“Interconnectors will have an important role in diversifying the sources of electricity for this country and helping to keep our supplies secure.   It will also help create a competitive European market “.
Kent already has two interconnectors with Europe.   The Interconnexion France Angleterre (IFA) runs between France and Selinge and the BritNed interconnector runs between the Netherlands and the Isle of Grain.  It’s proposed that the Nemo Link interconnector could go into operation by 2018. It would be the first electricity link between the UK and Belgium and would enable 1000 Megawatts of electricity to be traded between UK and Europe.   The subsea cables would run approximately 130 kilometres from Richborough to Zeebrugge in Belgium.