Offshore safety training

Nemo Link managers Lisa Kettle and Craig Silcock completed their BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training) Certificates at Falck’s specialist training facility in Teesside last month. BOSIET training is one of three qualifications required by the Cable Contractor prior to boarding a vessel and operates in a similar way to a BESC or CSCS Card for onshore site attendance. The certification from attending this course will enable Craig and Lisa to visit offshore cable laying operations to proactively carry out assurance activities or, in the worst case scenario, to be able to represent Nemo Link in the event of an offshore incident.

The course covered a wide range of subjects including first aid, escaping smoke filled spaces, operation and use of emergency life rafts and the dreaded helicopter ditch and capsize training. It prioritises personal safety in an emergency and the capability to support others in a controlled manner until help arrives.

SHESQ Manager Craig said, “It was vital for us to get an appreciation of the perils and risks that offshore work entails, and the course has provided us with the basics required to be able to keep ourselves and other offshore workers safe on the vessels that will be used on the Nemo Link project during our visits.”

Reflecting on the Helicopter crash simulation Lisa added, “Given the amount of information we had received over two days of training it was a real benefit to be able to practice escape techniques in a controlled environment. It was surprising how quickly the simulator filled with water and how long the seven second wait before evacuating felt. Whilst preparing us appropriately for our day job, it also gave a new appreciation of the risks those who work offshore continually face.”


Safety milestone: 100,000 hours without lost time injury

Nemo Link is proud to have reached an early safety milestone of over 100,000 hours without a lost time injury. Whilst this might be a relatively small number when compared to other construction projects it should be noted that this achievement has been realised during an initial mobilisation period of a new international client team from different parent organisations, and commencement of works by 2 major Contractors across 2 countries including offshore activities as well.

Why are we celebrating this value? From a risk perspective our new contractors Siemens have completed their part of the demolition of the existing Turbine Hall structure at the UK site in Richborough, and JPower Systems have completed 54000 hours of offshore cable route survey works across the English Channel, both of which are inherently risky and complex activities.

It is early days for Nemo Link, but we believe that we have started on the right journey to developing a strong safety management culture that we can build upon.

Richborough - turbine hall

Planning permissions Herdersbrug converter station granted

On Thursday the 4th of August 2016 NEMO Link obtained its building permit for the start of the construction of the converter station in Herdersbrug (Bruges).

Early July Nemo Link was granted the environmental permit as well.

This implies that the actual construction works of the Herdersbrug converter station can start on the 12th of September 2016.