Stakeholder information event in Richborough

On the 17th of March 2017 Nemo Link held a public information event in Richborough at the Baypoint Club.

The aim of the event was to give local stakeholders the opportunity to engage with the Nemo Link project members. Representatives of the Nemo team, the cable contractor, their construction partner and community consultation specialists were available to answer questions about the project and its benefits and also to explain the plans and the chronology of the land works to be completed in the region of Richborough.

Richbo Stakeholder Event 2

In order to reach out to the population invitation letters (over 3000) were mailed to residents and local businesses. Relevant Portfolio Holders, Ward Councillors, Parish Councillors and site MPs were also invited to the event. Moreover, the event has been advertised in the ‘East Kent Mercury’ publication.

The Nemo team is grateful to those who attended the event as they have contributed to the development of the project. Interesting comments, questions and proposals have been brought up.

Making sure that the local stakeholders are well informed about the project and how the works will occur is a priority for Nemo Link.

Should you require further information on Nemo Link, please call 0800 083 3149 or email

Richbo Stakeholder Event


The following link gives access to the information that has been displayed on the exhibition boards on day of the event:

Exhibition Boards – Richborough Stakeholder Event Boards