Green lights on all permits for the Belgian onshore cable works

On a large project such as Nemo one of the main challenges/hurdles is obtaining all the necessary permits for the construction works.

After hard and consistent work, Nemo Link has now obtained all permits/planning permissions for the construction works related to the Belgian onshore cable route:
- Road permit;
- Building permit;
- Declaration of public use.

The Belgian onshore cable works can now start in September 2017 in line with planning.

Cable Route BE

For more information about the cable route:

The two cables for the 400KV DC Nemo Link will be installed in two parallel pipes over a distance of 8.850 m from the beach side of Zeebrugge to the new converter station in Herdersbrug.

The converter station, located at the Pathoekeweg 302 in Brugge is now in construction.

There are eight horizontal directional drills involved to cross the dune, nature reserve, roads and railway. The longest drill is 538,5 meters. The cables will be pulled through the pipes and interconnected in 15 joint pits.

If you are interested in consulting the permits, please fin them on the ‘download documents’ page.