Public Information Event @ Ramsgate Royal Temple Yacht Club

A public information event has been organized in Ramsgate, on August 17th, to update locals on the construction progress of the Nemo Link interconnector.

We have been busy working on the construction of the UK and BE converter stations and electricity substations. On the UK side, we have been laying cables between the UK converter station site at Richborough and Pegwell Bay, through the country park. This had to be done before the trigger of the next phase of works: the submarine cable installation in the UK and part of French waters.

Before starting these critical operations, the Nemo team has judged it was important to share achievements and coming challenges with the stakeholders and populations in the UK.

The main topic of the information session has been survey and investigation works which were undertaken to assess the safety of the cable route – ensuring it is clear of obstruction and will not impact upon any artifacts of archeological importance. This work uncovered a number of items of archaeological interest and unexploded ordinance, and we have displayed information about our findings. Alongside that information, detailed explanation has been given on the next steps of the construction.

Members of the Nemo Link team were available throughout the event to answer any questions.



For more information about what has been displayed, please consult the following exhibition boards:
Exhibition Boards – Ramsgate Information Event (1)
Exhibition Boards – Ramsgate Information Event (2)

In the meantime, if you have any questions, or would like to discuss the Nemo Link interconnector in greater detail, please contact our community relations team on 0800 083 3149 (Monday to Friday between 9.00am – 5.00pm) or email