Consultation period is now closed

This Consultation concerned the contractual framework for trading on the Nemo Link Interconnector and invited feedback from all potential customers and stakeholders ahead of submission to the relevant regulatory authorities for approval.

The consultation is now closed.

However, if you have any questions or would like to respond to the consultation, please contact us at

Nemo Link specific proposals

The Consultation Document (download) sets out the whole framework

Charging methodology (download)

Border Specific Annex (also consulted on by Elia) (download)

Day Ahead Nomination Rules (also consulted on by Elia) (download)


The following supporting documents are provided for reference:

JAO Participation Agreement (download)

Harmonised Allocation Rules (download)

Long Term Nomination Rules (download)

Shadow Allocation Rules (download)

Day Ahead Fallback Procedure (download)

Nemo Link project update at Elia’s second ARP-Day

An event, solely dedicated to *Access Responsible Party contract participants (ARPs), was recently held at The Square Meeting Centre in Brussels on April 17.

Organised by Elia, the event covered a rich program of various ARP-related topics, Nick Pittarello, Client Relationship Manager Nemo Link, and Jean-Michel Reghem, Product Services Manager Elia, presented the latest Nemo Link project status and its future impact on the ARP-landscape to Belgium market participants.

Discover the latest timescales and proposed products set.


*An ARP may be an electricity producer, a major consumer, an electricity supplier or a trader. They help maintain the balance between generation and consumption and must be appointed at every access point where energy injections or offtakes are performed.