Nemo Link Shadow Day Ahead Auction in the event of Decoupling

Market Decoupling event on 7th June 2019

As you will have been aware, on Friday 7th June, EPEX SPOT encountered technical issues in the Day-Ahead auction which impacted the Belgium and GB markets. Further information on the event can be found here.

As a fall-back solution for Market Coupling, Nemo Link through the Joint Allocation Office ran its shadow day-ahead explicit auctions which took place at 12:35 CEST 7th June. However, as only default bids are accepted for shadow auctions on JAO’s eCAT system and there were no default bids for the GB-BE border before the event, the auctions cleared at 0MW.

Nemo Link (with the support of JAO and Elia’s operations teams) carried out additional processes at very short notice to provide customers with additional trading opportunities and ran an extra day ahead explicit auction at 18:30 CEST 7th June. All available transfer capacity in the direction BE to GB was allocated in which 4 market participants managed to obtain the physical transmission rights and nominated all the acquired capacity through the Regional Nomination Platform RNP successfully.

Nemo Link’s Shadow Day Ahead Explicit Auctions

Even though cases like this are extremely rare, as proven on 7th June, it can happen. In order for market participants to be ready for the possibility of a similar event in future and if you would like to utilise Nemo Link’s Shadow Auction, the following are required:

  • Registered as a physical customer with Nemo Link to have the ability to nominate
  • Have indicated with JAO to participate in Shadow Auctions for the GB-BE border (have sent Amendment No. 6 to the JAO’s Participant Agreement or send the Modification Request to include GB-BE border).
    à All the relevant documents and forms requested for registration are available on the JAO website under the “Support” tab / “Resource center” in the “Registration” Section (scroll down in the panel on the left)
  • Have entered default bids in JAO’s e-CAT for Shadow Auctions on GB-BE border

If you have any questions about this process or wish to talk to someone about the systems involved, please contact the Customer Team.


Decoupling Event – Extra Day Ahead Nemo Link Auction @ 18:30 CEST 7th June for delivery day 8th June

Market participants will be aware that Multi-Regional Coupling was unable to achieve results today.  This means JAO used the Shadow Auction Rules instead to allocate cross border capacity explicitly, as is the defined back-up procedure.

Nemo Link will be holding an additional explicit Day Ahead auction at 18:30 CEST this evening.  However, only those market participants that are physically registered with Nemo Link and have indicated to participate in Shadow Auctions with JAO for the GB-Belgium border will be able to participate, as nomination of won capacity rights will need to be nominated in the RNP system.  Those wishing to place bids will be required to update their default bids in the JAO system.

Market participants are invited to enter their default bids in SAP before 18:30 CEST.

Market participants will be able to nominate capacity between 19:00 CEST and 19:30 CEST in the Regional Nomination Platform RNP.

If you have any questions about this process or wish to talk to someone about the systems involved, please contact the Customer Team.