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Nemo Link has been coupled to the European Internal Energy Market via the implicit day ahead auction since 31st January 2019.

The first explicit long term products will be sold via JAO in Q2 2019 and a schedule of the planned auctions can be found below.

If not already done so, interested parties wishing to by Nemo Link capacity are invited to complete the registration form (below) to start the onboarding process or contact the Customer Team.


Auction Calendar

Market participants can buy monthly, quarterly and annual capacity at the times shown in the auction calendar.

Download Auction Schedule for Nemo Link Long Term Products

Become a Nemo Link Customer

Market participants can complete the following registration form to start the process.

Download registration form

Download registration guide

Download Nomination Platform Participation Agreement


LIVE Nemo Link Access Rules

Nemo Link Access Rules outline Auction and Nomination processes on Nemo Link in Long Term timescales (Annual/ Monthly capacity products), and Explicit Day Ahead (Shadow) auctions in the event market coupling is unable to produce results.  These Rules were approved by Ofgem on 25th January 2019:

Nemo Link Access Rules v1.0_Approved_250119


The EU Harmonised Allocation Rules (HAR) outline the rules to forward capacity allocation and for allocated long term transmission rights:


The Nemo Link Border Specific Annex contains exemptions from the HARs for the GB-Belgian border e.g. treatment of HVDC losses and compensation cap.  This Annex was approved by National Regulatory Authorities on 25th January 2019:

GB Belgium Border Specific Annex


BREXIT (Possible Nemo Link Access Rules)

In the event GB leaves the Internal Energy Market (IEM), an alternative set of Access Rules will apply.  Ofgem and CREG approved the Non-IEM Access Rules on 14/03/2019 and are available for download below.  They would only become active on the day GB leaves the IEM and Nemo Link will communicate further detail on the timing to market participants should they be required.  The main change described in these Non-IEM Access Rules is the change from implicit Day Ahead auctions to explicit Day Ahead Auctions.

Nemo Link Non IEM Access Rules v1_140319_NOT LIVE


Outage Notices

Nemo Link Planned Outage Programme 2019


Supporting Information

Loss Factor

The Transmission Loss Factor on Nemo Link is 2.6%


Other relevant documents

- Channel Day Ahead/ Intraday Capacity Calculation Methodology: 

Channel DA ID CCM_clean