Will the work affect me?

Nemo Link committed to minimising effects on the local community and ensured that residents ere kept informed of its proposals and progress throughout the construction stage of the project.

Modern design technologies and materials have been used to minimise the visual impact, and also to contain noise during operation. Noise levels were continually monitored during the construction and operational phases in accordance with the local authorities’ requirements.

Traffic impacts were short term and traffic management and monitoring measures ensured that highway safety and amenity were not adversely affected.

The Nemo Link interconnector cable will pass through English, French and Belgian waters. Nemo Link has conducted comprehensive assessments into the potential environmental effects from the cable installation, operation and decommissioning of the cables.

Local residents, businesses and stakeholders

Nemo Link committed to ensuring local residents, businesses and stakeholders were kept informed about the project as it progressed. In June 2012 as part of this programme, Nemo Link held two public information events in the UK, in Cliffsend and Sandwich, to give local residents and elected members the opportunity to view the proposals. In Belgium several information sessions have been held in Zeebrugge to show the proposals for the converter station and high voltage substation.

In Belgium, Nemo Link has worked closely with the Stevin team to keep the local community informed. The teams have held several joint information meetings as the projects progressed.